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Mistakes That Make Your CV Not Seen by the Company

Applying for a job is a crucial moment for everyone, especially new graduates who are asked by their family every day, “What is your job?” must be a burden too yes. You must have a company or dream position to work for, even though you have thought about it carefully before becoming a graduate. But, your dreams can be in vain if you don’t pay close attention to the first steps of your career. One thing that is often forgotten is how to make the right CV so that HRD will accept you to join the company.

Because a good CV will be your determinant to move to the next stage in the recruitment process. If your CV is wrong, how can you proceed to the interview stage? So, so that you have a great chance of being accepted at your dream company, avoid the 7 mistakes in making a CV below!

Entering invalid and relevant information, no cheating!
The CV must contain true data or information about who you are. Do not add or fabricate information that does not match what you have. For example, you enter video editing skills even though you have absolutely no basic video editing skills. The point is that what you write on your CV must be accounted for when you start working later. Honesty is an important point in the world of work, you know, without this trait your career will face many difficulties. So honesty must be upheld yes!
If there is information that is not relevant to the position you are applying for, it is better to remove it. For example, if you enter your experience following a taekwondo UKM to apply for customer service, it doesn’t work, right?

Information that is too long and wordy, sorry this is not a preface to the thesis!
Make a CV that is simple, attractive and informative. HRD will find it difficult to find points from yourself if your CV is made up in pages, so make sure your CV is only one sheet! Use the list of points that you summarize into short and clear sentences. Try to re-read your CV so you know which information is important and a priority to insert.

Don’t have the skills the company needs
The next mistake is that you don’t have the experience and skills the company needs. When viewing job vacancies, you should already understand the criteria/qualifications that the company wants. If you really have a strong desire to join the company, before applying, it’s a good idea to equip yourself through various trainings and certifications to improve your competence and experience. The training doesn’t take long, but it’s worth the knowledge you receive.

Don’t include the subject and body of the email, just fix this through it
Before sending an email, do not leave the subject field (title) blank. Fill in the job position you are applying for, so HRD will see the purpose of sending the email. Also make sure you write the body of the email! Explain your brief profile, this is your first opportunity to show your strengths and interests in the company.

Your CV file name doesn’t match the original, aka confusing
Before sending your CV, try to check the name of the attachment file that you are going to send. If the file name still doesn’t match its contents, you should change it first. Because this will make it difficult for HRD to find your CV on their device. For example, you can name the file “CV (your name) (position applied for).

Can’t tell the difference between a creative CV and a formal CV
What is also important for you to pay attention to is, understand what company you are applying for. If you apply for a state-owned company or ministry, don’t use a CV with a colorful creative design, use a more formal CV format. Unless you are applying for a startup company, creative agency or creative field, you can use a CV format with an attractive design.

Typo or typo everywhere
The typo is really annoying, isn’t it? Sometimes we don’t realize that there are typos in our writing. Therefore, making a CV must also be careful, you don’t want HRD to misinterpret the information you include just because of a typo. Therefore, you must apply the first point above to minimize typos, if the information entered is short and concise, it will be easier for you to find writing errors in your CV. This can also be used as an HRD assessment, you know, if you have a lot of typos, you are considered not a conscientious person.

6 Important Things That Make CV Fresh Graduates Seen by Companies

Applying for a job is a definite goal to be accepted and become a permanent employee, but in fact getting a job is not as easy as we imagine. In addition to qualifications that do not necessarily meet expectations, the competition for office chairs is also getting tougher.

Especially for fresh graduates who mostly lack experience, compared to employees who already have high flying hours, it will certainly be very difficult to compete.

Therefore, you must have strong capital, so that your application can be accepted by the company. Here are 7 things that must be in your CV so that companies will get more attention!

1. Complete identity
Make sure the company knows you well. Like the first meeting you must be able to describe your identity clearly and concisely. Complete your name, residential address, telephone number, email where you can be contacted and educational background.

2. Self description
Don’t forget to also write a short description that describes yourself. Write a short, concise and clear self-description of three or four sentences to attract HRD’s attention. You can tell who you are, your last education, skills and goals in your career.

3. Soft skills and hard skills
Hard skills are skills needed for a job, hard skills are usually listed in the job description column, and become a description of your job later.

Reporting from The Balance Career page, you can get hard skills from education classes, training and certification, internship programs or jobs.

Meanwhile, soft skills are personal attributes related to the personality needed to support work. Such as communication skills, adaptation, team work, leadership, problem solving etc.

In your CV you must include both hard skills and soft skills, but what are you really good at? If you feel you don’t have both, you can learn and develop skills in the field you want through the Training and Certification program.

Or you can also join online training/classes to increase your knowledge and competence through the TopEdu feature.

TopEdu is an online learning / training platform that is packaged in video materials delivered directly by experienced mentors in their fields in a relaxed and fun way! It makes it easier for you to absorb knowledge and apply it. You can find TopEdu directly in the TopKarir application.

4. Experience and achievements
Next, don’t forget to include “selling” experience points and achievements. Tell us briefly in the form of points, what projects have you participated in during school/college. Can volunteer activities or membership of campus / community events.

Then also add achievements related to the field of work you choose. Your activeness in the social and educational environment will be a plus, you know in the eyes of HRD.

5. Insert portfolio link
For those of you who apply in the creative, art, design or writing fields, a portfolio is very important to include. That way you will be considered ready to start work.

HRD will see how far your potential is to be able to grow in the company through a portfolio. You can use digital media to store your portfolio too.

6. Pay attention to the design and writing of CV
According to Fitrianti Vidya Kusuma, HR Supervisor for TopKarir Indonesia, the most important thing to consider when writing a CV is design and writing.

CV design should not use too many colors, make it simpler but still attractive. Don’t have typos or typos, grammar and sentence writing must also be neat because CV is your first impression to HRD.

Those were 6 important points in making CV for fresh graduates. Find the right internship vacancies for you here. Get the latest job vacancies and plan your great career at TopKarir. Download the application for free on the App Store and Play Store.

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